Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cristina Braga and the Brazilian Harp

When Cristina Braga plays the harp, she can weave enchanting melodies with ethereal glissandos, and she can pluck, tap and slap the strings to create driving, rhythmic, and even edgy sounds. The first harpist with the symphonic orchestra of Rio de Janeiro's Teatro Municipal, Braga is a crossover artist who freely roams between classical music, samba, bossa nova and even rock and roll. Here is my Huffington Post article about her new album, and below are some additional video and related links not included in that piece:

More Cristina Braga Videos

Roberto Menescal and Cristina Braga perform "Triste"
on The United Kingdom of Ipanema DVD

Cristina Braga, "Love Parfait" (Ricard Medeiros / Bernardo Vilhena)

Cristina Braga and Ricardo Medeiros, "Stairway to Heaven"

CDs and DVDs (

Samba, Jazz and Love (CD)

United Kingdom of Ipanema: Roberto Menescal Convida Andy Summers (DVD)

Cristina Braga CDs (All)

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