Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gaby Amarantos, the Muse of Tecnobrega

Gaby Amarantos, the muse of tecnobrega, has teamed with producer
DJ João Brasil (a carioca now in London) to create a startling version
  of Antonio Carlos Jobim's classic "Aguas de Marco" that you will
probably either love or hate. Here's my Huffington Post about it:
The Muse of Tecnobrega Boosts Brazil's Latest Musical Export

Here is Gaby Amarantos singing "Aguas de Marco" on YouTube:

Here are Jobim and Elis Regina performing "Aguas de Marco" live:

Here is Gaby performing a full-on tecnobrega number,
"Príncipe Negro," on YouTube. Bob Fosse meets Lady
Gaga meets Bélem do Pará.