Monday, July 5, 2010

New Female Voices: Aline & Antonia

The floodgates seem to have opened for new Brazilian female musical talent. Aline Calixto and Antonia Adnet are two rising young singer-songwriters who have both released debut albums this year. Calixto, who is from Minas Gerais, drew attention two years ago singing at the Carioca da Gema club, the most important samba nightspot in Rio de Janeiro. Her eponymous 2010 album covers samba and other Afro-Brazilian styles, as Aline interprets her own songs as well as compositions by Nelson Sargento, Monarco and Moacyr Luz. Could she become the next Clara Nunes? Listen to her here: Aline Calixto on MySpace.

Aline Calixto, "Tudo o que sou"

Aline Calixto, "Oxossi"

Antonia Adnet is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and arranger. She is the daughter of renowned musician Mario Adnet. Antonia gained recognition playing guitar in Roberta Sá's touring band in 2005 and 2007, and on the latter's second album. Her 2010 debut album Discreta melds bossa nova, MPB and samba, and features her own songs, as well as a nice instrumental rendition of Moacir Santos's "Vitrine." She has a sweet, clear, delicate voice. Listen to "Vitrine" and her tunes such as "Um Dia Quem Sabe" (One Day, Who Knows) here: Antonia Adnet on MySpace.

Antonia Adnet and Roberta Sá, "Discreta"


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