Monday, March 31, 2014

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brazil Carnaval 2014

Grande Rio samba school (Getty Images).
Carnaval ("Carnival" in Portuguese) keeps getting bigger and more colorful in Brazil and is celebrated across the country. The strongest Carnaval traditions are in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Recife/Olinda, but there are great blocos and processions in nearly every big or small town. Celebrants parade and dance to rhythms and styles like samba, marcha, frevo and maracatu. These days you're also likely to hear some funk carioca thrown into the mix. This year, the Unidos da Tijuca won the escola de samba (samba school) competition in Rio, and a reported 150,000 participants partied with the Simpatia É Quase Amor bloco, which starts its procession in Ipanema in Rio. Here are some images from Carnival celebrations across Brazil.

Carnaval blocos in Olinda, Pernambuco.

Frevo dancing in Olinda.

Grupo Arrasta Ilha: maracatu in Florianópolis.
Mangueira samba school in Rio (Reuters).

Maracatu de Baque Solto in Nazaré da Mata, Pernambuco.

 Mocidade Independente samba school in Rio (AP).

 Maracatu de Baque Solto
in Nazaré da Mata, Pernambuco  (Reuters).

Santa Tereza streetcar in Rio.

 Maracatu de Baque Solto in Nazaré da Mata.

 Bloco Pilantragi in São Paulo (UOL).

 Beija Flor samba school in Rio (AP).

 Olodum in Salvador, Bahia (AgNews).

 Bloco da Lama in Parati, RJ (Getty Images).
Frevo dancers in Recife, Pernambuco.

 Grande Rio samba school (Getty Images).

 Maracatu de Baque Solto in Nazaré da Mata (LeiaJa).

 Olodum in Salvador.

 Unidos da Tijuca, which won the samba school
(escola de samba) competition in Rio in 2014.

 The bloco Simpatia É Quase Amor in Ipanema
in Rio de Janeiro (Getty Images).

 Carnaval in Salvador at night.

 Before the parade in Olinda (Lais Castro Trajano).

Olodum in the Pelourinho in Savador.

Império da Tijuca samba school (AP)

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